The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing

The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing

English | 2007 | ISBN: n/a | 136 pages | PDF | 9 MB

"Discover The Secrets From The Greatest Hand Balancers Of All Time!"

Now You Can Use Their In-Depth Knowledge To Build The Strength And Skills You've Always Desired
Professor Paulinetti, was superior to every man in the hand balancing game. He originated many of the tricks including the truly unbelievable one-arm planche. Not only could he stand on one hand better then most people could on one leg, but he was as good at teaching others as performing.

Robert Jones was one of Paulinetti's most promising pupils. His most legendary skill was the thumbs balance on the tips of Indian clubs. This and other feats made him famous and he was featured in Ripley's Believe It Or Not nine times.
Between the two of them there was 70 years of practicing and teaching hand balancing and gymnastics. Back in the 1940's they wrote THE book on this art. In order to pass their memory and teachings on I have made this book available again today because this "lost" information cannot be allowed to slip into the cracks of time. With their aid you will not have to suffer through practicing your handstands any longer without the knowledge of how to do it right.

Would you like to learn from two of the greatest hand balancers of all time?

If you're just starting out you shouldn't be scared of the feats these men performed. The fact is that you cannot advance to the difficult feats without a firm grasp on all the basics.
The Four-Phases of Holding a Hand Balance - Get this Right and the Battle is Won! Get this Wrong and You're Doomed to Failure

Why Bob Jones believes you shouldn't even use the word handstand and what that means for you
Gymnasts today have it wrong! How to use you back bend for easier balancing and when and why you should straighten it
How to Balance. Hint: It's not using your ears
Positioning your hands can make all the difference in the world. Find out when and how you should move your hands for optimal performance on any stunt

You owe it to yourself to be able to do the most basic of hand balancing. Even the simple handstand will give you strength you can't get anywhere else as well as a valuable special body awareness that will help the rest of your training. Most of the old-time strongman who hold records still unbroken had some experience in this area, while others, like Otto Arco and Sig Klein, were great hand balancers.

If you are already a proficient hand balancer you will not be disappointed. Get taken from your first press all the way to such stunts as the planche, finger balancing, one hand stands and many more.
As you progress you will start to see unbelievable results. You will pull off stunts that weeks ago you though were impossible to do.

A Full Chapter on Presses and how to do them - Build the strength to press anything overhead while you develop a pair of arms that are a sight to see.
Save any balance from going to your feet with shoulder weaving and other tricks of the trade. A must learn skill for the advanced man.

The addition of Tumbling Drills to add dynamism to your balancing. With a little acrobatic ability you can pull of these impressive stunts with ease.
Progression up to Jones' famed Thumb Balance from pushups to handstands. How would you like mind-blowing strength in your forearms and fingers?

Two Chapters on One Arm Balancing - How To Train the Skills and the Correct Hand and Body Placement. You can be one of the few that actually masters this skill when so many others give up in frustration.

The Correct Position of the Planche and why you may be doing it wrong.
Impress a Crowd with two Exhibition Routines.
Few people can do a tiger bend but to achieve one on a single arm is just downright unbelievable (and this move is covered in the book). They say seeing is believing which brings me on to my next point...
The Photos Alone Are Worth The Price Of The Whole Book


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