The Truth about Allergy

The Truth about Allergy: The Amazing Recipes to Reduce the Effects

2020 | ASIN: B0851L1NV1 | English | 148 Pages | EPUB | 3 MB

Allergies and a number of food intolerances are affecting many individuals around the world and are the cause of many health-related issues. People will often have rather unpleasant reactions to some food they ate and question whether it is only an upset stomach or a food allergy. The interesting part is that one out of every three people will claim that they themselves have a food allergy or that they changed their family diet because another family member might have a food allergy. Research has shown that only about 5% of children have been truly diagnosed with a food allergy while only 4% of teen and adults have a certain food allergy. In order to understand what a food allergy actually is, it is vital to separate the terms 'food allergy' and 'food intolerance.'

We describe a food allergy as a hypersensitivity to food; an abnormal response to a certain food group or ingredient that is triggered by a person's immunity system. A food intolerance causes the same reactions of a food allergy, but not from the immune system. Instead, the reactions come from the body not being able to properly digest the food. For example, if someone has a reaction to milk but they are not allergic to the lactose, they have a lactose intolerance.

Some of these intolerances can be psychological in origin, but still produce a physiological effect. While it can be proven scientifically that someone has a food allergy, they are also able to trick themselves into thinking that they have one. If a person gets a headache each time they eat wheat, then they may think that they are allergic to the entire food rather than having a reaction to the density or ratio of wheat in the food. Psychological impacts for food allergies can also come from normal anxiety. Forgetting that a friend or child is allergic to a certain food and then serving it to them. The idea of being able to put someone in harm because of the development of a food allergy can be troubling for a parent or relative.

This book is broken into different sections that include:

An introduction to allergy
Symptoms associated to allergic reactions
How to avoid trigger foods
The wonderful breakfast recipes
Main courses and side dishes
Delicious desserts and snacks


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