The Ugly Fight: Unleashing Artificial Intelligence Against Global Warming

The Ugly Fight: Unleashing Artificial Intelligence Against Global Warming

English | November 14, 2018 | ASIN: B07KK2R3BW | 115 Pages | MOBI | 0.28 MB

Record Heat Wave Kills 33 in Quebec!
Summer Sea Ice in The Arctic Is About Half as Thick as It Was in 1950!
Global Warming Is Killing Australia's Great Barrier Reef!

The headlines are constant, confirming the obvious. In this book the author has put together a comprehensive and practical approach to accelerate the fight against global warming through the power of artificial intelligence, which can be mankind's partner in this epic battle to reverse our carbon footprint.
Is AI a double-edged sword? When we nurture AI to fight global warming, undoubtedly it will threaten our jobs.
Now the challenge is not just to combat climate change but to survive the collateral damage. It is an ugly fight indeed. And I found AI has amazing potential to foster the unemployed. This book illustrates with real-world examples the possible ways to unleash AI on global warming and at the same time shelter the unemployed.


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