The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups

The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups

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Do You Use These Little Known Methods of Making Handstand Pushups More Effective Whether You Can't do a Single Rep (Yet) or Can Do Several Full Range?

Back when I got started seriously training with bodyweight exercises I had one goal above all others. And that was to do a handstand pushup against the wall. I had grown up as a scrawny kid and my upper body strength was probably the weakest link.

At that time I could barely hold the handstand position.

And this wasn't balancing on my own. I hadn't even started with that yet. I relied on the wall. Nor was my goal to do a real full-range handstand pushup where you dip down between two chairs.

All I wanted was to touch my head to the ground and press back up. Just once. I knew if I could do this ultimate exercise I'd be on my way as few people in the world can even do one.

I worked hard for a few months and eventually hit my goal. Since then its been a matter of adding more reps. Of making it more difficult. Now my personal record is 15 reps at a weight at 170 lbs. and that was awhile back. But that number is deceiving and let me tell you why.

Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Handstand Pushups?

I remember one day in 2005 when I was working out in my garage in San Luis Obispo, California. I was doing a circuit combining chinnups and handstand pushups (an awesome combo, by the way). I thought I was ready to start adding some height to extend the range of motion of my handstand pushup reps.

I was wrong.

You see in order to increase the height, I had to do a new setup which ended up changing my position in the handstand. When I tried I couldn't do a single rep in this new form when I was suppose to be doing sets of three.

Even after I eliminated the new height and replicated the same position I still found these handstand pushups dramatically harder then the version I had been doing before. What was going on here?

Quite simply, my new handstand position actually had me taking on more of my own bodyweight.

Now I've come to realize that there are a bunch of small things you can do to make any handstand pushup harder or easier to do, without adding height or weight, simply by changing your position slightly.

This volume gives you everything you need to get up to your first handstand pushup to doing full-range reps with added weight and tons in between. Here's what it contains:

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 -Before You Begin
Chapter 3 - Lead-up Exercises
Chapter 4 - Handstand Positioning
Chapter 5 - Basic Handstand Pushup Exercises
Chapter 6 - Advanced Handstand Pushup Exercises
Chapter 7 - Extra Tips and Tricks
Chapter 8 - Progression
Chapter 9 - One Hand Handstands
Chapter 10 - Freestanding Handstand Pushups
Chapter 11 - Common Problems
Chapter 12 - Workouts

Read below to find out the many things you'll find out about doing handstand and handstand pushups.

Want to target the shoulders more? Work with this hand placement
Want to target the arms more? Work with this hand placement
Want to target your chest more? Try arching but make sure you do it right to avoid possible injury
Having trouble getting into the handstand? Follow these steps to banish your fears and make handstands a breeze.
The best two stretches for improving your shoulder flexibility.
Have stiff wrists from handstands? These stretches will loosen them up and allow you to handstands pain free.
Handstand pushups out of your range? Use these three lead-up exercises to build your pushing strength allowing you to do the real thing within weeks
How to kick-up into a handstand against the wall. Do this right so you don't waste energy getting into position when you're trying to build strength.
And much much more.


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