The Weiser Field Guide to Cryptozoology (The Weiser Field Guide)

The Weiser Field Guide to Cryptozoology (The Weiser Field Guide)

English | April 17th, 2020 | ISBN: 1578634504 | 192 Pages | EPUB | 4.38 MB

A study of dozens of hidden animals-from the chupacabra to Mongolian death worms-drawing on eyewitness accounts from around the world.

This informative book includes information, interviews, and stories about forty different cryptids seen around the world by credible eyewitnesses like policemen, rangers, and doctors. Readers will learn where and how to find flying humanoids, hairy humanoids, giants of all kinds including rabbits, bats, and spiders, goblins, vampires, werewolves, demons, aliens, and ghosts.

Cryptozoology-a term coined in the 1950s by a French zoologist named Bernard Heuvelmans-is the study of hidden or unknown animals not recognized in standard zoology. From traditional cryptids like Big Foot, the Abominable Snowman, and Nessie, to mythical cryptids like unicorns, vampires, dragons, and werewolves, to lesser-known cryptids like bunyips (waterhorses), Encantado (Dolphin Men of Brazil), thunderbirds, mothmen, and chupacabra, these creatures are very much alive, says expert Deena West Budd, if beyond the realm of normal perception.

The Weiser Field Guide to Cryptozoology includes a brief history of the field and surveys all the creatures for which any credible amount of research exists-as well as giving tips on how to spot these creatures and cautionary advice on how to interact with them.

Includes two dozen line drawings rendered from eyewitness descriptions


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