The cdma2000 System for Mobile Communications: 3G Wireless Evolution

Vieri Vanghi, Aleksandar Damnjanovic, Branimir Vojcic, quot;The cdma2000 System for Mobile Communications: 3G Wireless Evolutionquot;
Prentice Hall | 2004 | ISBN: 0131416014 | 544 pages | File type: CHM | 5,6 mb
cdma2000 in depth: architecture, protocols, design, and operation

This is a complete guide to the architecture and operation of cdma2000 networks. Three leading experts begin by reviewing the theory of CDMA communications, then systematically discuss every component of a cdma2000 network, including radio access networks, packet core networks, mobile stations, and their reference points. The authors present in-depth coverage of the cdma2000 air interface protocols between mobile and base stations; physical layer design; media access control; layer 3 signaling; handoffs; power control; radio resource management for mixed voice and data services; radio access network performance; and end-to-end call flows for circuit switched voice, packet data, and concurrent services. Coverage includes:
CDMA and spread spectrum fundamentals: modulation/demodulation, forward error correction, turbo coding, and diversity
Applications and services, including conversational voice, Web browsing, file transfer, WAP, video streaming, and VoIP
Evolution of integrated data and voice services (1xEV-DV)
Handoff principles and types, including idle, access, soft, and hard handoffs
Reverse and forward link power control principles, algorithms, and implementation aspects
Algorithms and implementation aspects for radio resource management
End-to-end network operations: location and state management, call processing, SMS, and more

This is an ideal reference for professionals designing or building cdma2000 infrastructure and mobile stations, operators deploying and managing cdma2000 networks, and any wireless communications engineer who wants a thorough understanding of cdma2000 technology.

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