Themen neu 1

Themen neu 1
Max Hueber Verlag | ISBN : 3190415218 | 2002 | MP3 File type: PDF | 673 mb

Classic and, perhaps, the most commonly used textbook in the world of the German language for beginners.Themen neu 1 is designed for people with a very superficial understanding of German. Manual is divided into 15 lessons.

Lexical theme tutorial: introduction to the house and housekeeping, meals, leisure activities, illness, life, cities, shopping and gifts, German, and Germany, people (external and internal world), school, work and education, entertainment, television and news.
Vocabulary of the textbook is more than 1000 words and expressions.
Grammar: narrative and question the proposal, the imperative, the use of articles, personal and possessive pronouns, weak, strong and irregular verbs, separate and neotdelyaemye prefix verbs, modal verbs and their conjugations, prepositions, the dative and managed accusative, numerals, the system time - Präsens, Präteritum, Perfekt, Futur I, declination of adjectives degrees of comparison adjectives, simple past tense of modal verbs, clauses, coordinate conjunction, and their influence on word order, reflexive verbs, control verbs.
Course teaches: to greet and say goodbye to each other, to describe people and objects, talk about their profession, the country, to share impressions about heard and seen, to express requests and suggestions and respond to them, have hearing dialogues on the topics to be passed; read adapted texts; comparing people and things, talk about various activities to talk about the momentous events, to discuss plans for the future.
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