Thermobiology By J.S. Willis

Thermobiology By J.S. Willis
Publisher: Elsevier Science | 1997-12-01 | ISBN: 0762301422 | Pages: 304 | File type: PDF | 12.34 mb

Hardbound. Notwithstanding widespread studies and even several biological journals devoted to temperature, it is difficult to perceive a field of thermobiology as such. Interest in the effects of temperature of biological systems is fragmented into specific thermal ranges and often connected with particular applications: subzero cryobiology and preservation of cells and tissues or survival of poikilotherms, para-zero cryobiology and preservation of whole organs and survival of whole animals, intermediate ranges and physiological adaption and regulation, high temperatures and use of heat for killing cancer cells, very high temperatures and limits of biological structure. Yet it has not always been so, and there are good reasons why it need not remain so.

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