Things Atheists Say: That Simply Make No Sense

Things Atheists Say: That Simply Make No Sense

2021 | ISBN: 1735428507 | English | 240 Pages | EPUB | 0.9 MB

There is a new breed of atheist in town. They're intelligent, vocal, and sometimes very aggressive. They communicate with boldness and conviction, but are they correct? After all, many of the things they say simply make no sense. Patrick Prill examines the ideas of several modern atheists and a few atheists of the past: Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, Victor Stenger, Paul Kurtz, Peter Singer, Alex Rosenberg, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Bertrand Russell, and Friedrich Nietzsche-to name a few. Many of them are well-known and highly regarded, but does everything they say really make sense? Is their case for atheism sound? This book addresses thirty-six of the most common things atheists say when they challenge people of faith. After examining what prominent atheists passionately proclaim, in light of evidence and reason, it seems the case for God's existence emerges stronger than ever.


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