Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart

Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart by Gordon Livingston
Publisher: Recorded Books (October 2005) | ISBN: 1419363565 | Language English | Audio CD in MP3/64Kbps | 133 mb
Starred Review. The gentle, even-keeled warmth of Livingston's prose distinguishes this slim book of 30 inspirational quot;truths.quot; A psychiatrist familiar with trauma from both his practice and his life (in one 13-month period, he lost one son to leukemia and another to suicide), Livingston offers the kind of wisdom that feels simultaneously commonsensical and revelatory: quot;We are what we do,quot; quot;The perfect is the enemy of the good,quot; quot;The major advantage of illness is relief from responsibility.quot; He intersperses counsel with personal experience, and tackles topics both joyful and deeply painful. In the chapter focusing on quot;We are what we do,quot; he notes that the quot;three components of happiness are something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to,quot; and he reminds us that quot;love is demonstrated behaviorallyquot;-that is, actions count more than words. In his discussion of quot;Happiness is the greatest risk,quot; he considers how our fear of losing happiness is often a roadblock to our experiencing it. For those contemplating suicide, he writes that quot;it is reasonable to confront them with the selfishness and anger implied in any act of self-destruction.quot; Livingston's words feel true, and his wisdom hard-earned. Among the many blithe and hollow self-help books available everywhere, this book stands out as a jewel.
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Baltimore Sun 4/13/08
“The slim book by Columbia-based psychiatrist Gordon Livingston has been a source of inspiration for many.?br/>
“The author creates an aura of wisdom about a great many things.?br/>
Quincy Jones, Details Online
“I'm just a musician and a record producer. I'm not a psychiatrist. I don't understand all that stuff. We all got problems. But there's a great book out called Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart. Did you see that? That book says the statute of limitations has expired on all childhood traumas. Get your stuff together and get on with your life, man.?br/>
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 1/20/2010
“Delightful.?br/>This text refers to the Paperback edition.
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