Topics on Relevance Theory

Jorge Campos da Costa Fábio José Rauen
Topics on Relevance Theory
Publisher: Edipucrs | 2010 | ISBN: 978 8574309569 | Portuguese | File type: PDF | 159 pages | 1.12 mb

“Relevance Theory has triggered a strong interdisciplinary impact, mainly due to its explanatory potential, in which successful attempts at application and theoretical efforts on the proposal of limitations and fragilities coexist. This tendency is no different in Brazil, and Topics on Relevance Theory, a collection organized by Jorge Campos and Fábio Rauen, consists of a significant portion of critical works in the field.?br/>
Apresentação: Relevance Theory (RT), as proposed by Sperber Wilson (1986; 1995), may be identified as one of the most influential research programs on the interface of communication/cognition in the last decades. As a matter of fact, RT presents all the ingredients of an ambitious theoretical framework, in its search for an inferential approach based on human cognition as an alternative to the previous rigid code models. Having its foundation on two base principals, namely the Cognitive Principle of Relevance and the Communicative Principle of Relevance and developed by means of the notions of informative and communicative intention ruled by the notion of relevance, as a cost-benefit relation, RT aims at describing and explaining the bases of rarionality in human communication. Moreover, as we may see from the number of papers and experiments on the RT today, both in Europe as well as in the North America, the wealth of this investigation program, which spreads elucidations to diverse areas, attracts the international critical thought so as to validate or contradict its potential predictions. This means that, by being a consistent proposal that bears a high explanatory value, RT unleashes a strong interdisciplinary impact in which innumerable attemps of proving its applicability as well as theoretical efforts so as to determine its limitations and frailties coexist. | on relevance theory.pdf

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