Toxicity and Drug Testing

Toxicity and Drug Testing

InTeO | 2012 | ISBN: 9535100041 9789535100041 | 528 Pages | PDF | 11 MB

This Book focuses on experimental in vivo and in vitro methods used to measure the ADMET properties (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity) of potential drug candidates.

Authors from several countries have contributed chapters detailing regulatory policies, pharmaceutical concerns and clinical practices in their respective countries with the expectation that the open exchange of scientific results and ideas presented in this book will lead to improved pharmaceutical products.

Part 1 Drug Design
1 Blood Brain Barrier Permeation
2 Diagnostic Accuracy and Interpretation of Urine Drug Testing for Pain Patients: An Evidence-Based Approach
3 Experimental and Computational Methods Pertaining to Surface Tension of Pharmaceuticals
4 Multi-Well Engineered Heart Tissue for Drug Screening and Predictive Toxicology
5 Prediction of Partition Coefficients and Permeability of Drug Molecules in Biological Systems with Abraham Model Solute Descriptors Derived from Measured Solubilities and Water-to-Organic Solvent Partition Coefficients
6 Variability of Plasma Methadone Concentration in Opiate Dependent Receiving Methadone: A Personalised Approach Towards Optimizing Dose
7 Drug Synergy - Mechanisms and Methods of Analysis
8 Herbal Medicine in the Treatment of Malaria: Vernon ia amygdalina: An Overview of Evidence and Pharmacology
9 Experimental and Computational Methods Pertaining to Drug Solubility
Part 2 Toxicity
10 Toxic Effects of Cadmium on Crabs and Shrimps
11 Paraquat, Between Apoptosis and Autophagy
12 Prediction of Toxicity, Sensory Responses and 3 Biological Responses with the Abraham Model
13 Mikania glomerata and M. laevigata: Clinical and Toxicological Advances
14 Evaluation of Drug Toxicity for DNA Vaccine Candidates Against Infectious Diseases: Hepatitis C as Experimental Model
15 Aluminium Phosphide Poisoning
16 Application of a New Genotoxicity Test System with Human Hepatocyte Cell Lines to Improve the Risk Assessment in the Drug Development
17 Genotoxic Impurities in Pharmaceuticals
18 Measurement Uncertainty in Forensic Toxicology: Its Estimation, Reporting and Interpretation
19 Toxicokinetics and Organ-Specific Toxicity
20 Environmental Toxicants Induced Male Reproductive Disorders: Identification and Mechanism of Action


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