Ultra Meditation: 5-Level Transcendence System

Ultra Meditation: 5-Level Transcendence System
Mind-tek | ISBN: N/a | 2008 | MP3 | 1622 mb
The difficulty with traditional meditation practices is it takes years of concentrated effort to train your brain to redirect its energy into optimal patterns. But there is a way to access higher states of consciousness, without being an expert in meditation. A way to drive your brain into an altered state—automatically, at the push of a button. If you’re skeptical, I understand. However, I wouldn’t ask you to make this leap of faith without proving it to yourself and basing your answers on actual personal experience. That’s why the Ultra Meditation?5-Level Transcendence System was developed.

Ultra Meditation: 5-Level Transcendence System Achieve peak experiences. The Ultra Meditation soundtracks were designed to open the mind to greater levels of awareness, by driving consciousness inward and feeding the brain with a steady flow of psychic energy. By applying the use of certain musical harmonics and sound frequencies mood can be shifted, 'right brain' awareness activated, and whole brain synchrony promoted.

This 5-Level system for transcendence includes 5 different meditation CDs, to experience the ultimate in deep relaxation and meditative awareness. The objective is to plug your mind into a matrix of pure consciousness and transcendence. Powerful digital mastery and musical magic unite art science into a powerful force for transcendence and the ultimate mind journey that can only be experienced to be understood.

Level 1: The Beginning Theta Mind Experience Close your eyesfeel your body relax. Your arms and legs become limp as outside distraction melt away. Attention is focused inward and you experience profound feelings of peace and serenity. As your awareness expands, your mind explores the possibilities of this altered state known as theta consciousness. Based on altered states research and the study of meditation, this is a powerful tool for shifting the energies of consciousness and unfolding a state of meditative awareness.

Level 2: Transformation Going Beyond Theta The powerful audio matrix pulls your consciousness into deep and profound relaxation. As your mind focuses inward, your body feels incredibly lightfloating free from its earthly bounds. Fantastic imagery flashes across your internal universe. Complex patterns of light and sound pulse through your mind''s eye. You feel an inexplicable internal shiftand suddenly you are beyond the beginning stage of meditationoutside yourself, witnessing your shift in consciousness. You've opened the doorway into eternity and are one with your higher self.

Level 3: Awareness The Delta Experience It''s 50,000 years ago, and you are deep in the remote outback of Australia. You''re alone. Yet you feel safeconnected to the beauty around you. Off in the distance you hear whispers from some ancient time, set adrift upon the wind. They become stronger and beckon to you. You feel yourself lifting off and disappearing into the sounds of the night. A few moments (or perhaps an eternity) later you awaken refreshedfeeling more alive than ever. This amazing program guides you through complex layers of subsonic textures and delivers a different experience each time you do it.

Level 4: Cetacean Mind Link The Dolphin Whale Experience Imagine you are a cetacean (whale or dolphin) swimming the oceans. You have no enemies, plenty of food, and are unaffected by the climate above. Your brain is the largest on the planet and your body is perfectly adapted to your water environment. Most of your time is spent socalizing, eating, making love, and raising your children. Enter this perfect water world and prepare to return to land with a new perspective about life on Planet Earth. This acoustical landscape puts your consciousness directly into a cetacean''s mind and stimulates a special meditation experience that evokes deep emotional responses and memories about our water planet.

Level 5: Near Death Experience Beyond Back You feel yourself leaving your body. No fear. Voices beckoning you. You begin to review your life. A lightness of being and a bliss surrounds you as you begin to ascend. Eternity is everywhere. Moving faster towards infinity you pierce the veil, and seeing the light, you cross over. Feel the warmththe lovethe eternal peace. Now it''s time to returnalive and renewed. This unique program drives your consciousness through the 5 stages of a near death simulation, and then brings you back recharged and enlivened.

Level 6: Eternity
A new technique has been employed on these 2 experimental soundtracks to assist in launching your soul on it's journey to transcendence. Both soundtracks on this CD use a sophisticated neuro-matrix to induce a deep altered states experience. A special 3-D sound algorithum was employed to enhance this process leading the mind on an extreme aural experience. Each soundtrack is approximately 30 minutes in length. The first called "Soul Journey" uses an audio spiral soundform to launch your mind state. Then you can stay in the experience with track two "Being" which incorporates quiescent vibrations and soundforms to quiet the mind and can hold you in the "eternity" state for an extended period. Both of these soundtracks incorporate silent affirmations to help deprogram any negative thinking and self-limiting beliefs. Journaling is strongly recommended.

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