Underground Cable Fault Detector: Fault Locator

Underground Cable Fault Detector: Fault Locator

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The light cable that we put inside the ground, through which we move the light from one place to another, this cable does not come out and we do not have any problem with these cables. But these cables have a problem. If there is a fault in them, then we do not know at which place the fault is. So we have a lot of trouble to find fault, this project has been made to solve this problem.
We use this project to detect underground cable fault. In this project, we have uploaded the program to Arduino, then Arduino will control the entire device. In this device, we have made a switch board to show the fault. In which resistance is also installed. All resistances have the same value. All the resistances are at equal distance. And one switch is controlling each resistance. And when all these resistances are applied
Before that they have already been set and uploaded in distance programming. And the switches used in this circuit are used to cut power between resistances which will show how far the fault is and it will use three cables red line, blue line, yellow line. So when the switch is 2km in red line If we turn off the LCD will show 2km of fault, in this way we can find the fault for any line and at any distance.

A bundle of electrical conductors used for carrying electricity is called as a cable. A under ground cable generally has one or more conductors covered with suitable insulation and a protective cover.
Commonly used materials for insulation are varnished cambric or impregnated paper. Fault in a cable can be any defect or non-homogeneity that diverts the path of current or affects the performance of the cable. So it is necessary to correct to correct the fault.
Power Transmission can be done in both overhead as well as in underground cables. But unlike underground cables the overhead cables have the drawback of being easily prone to the effects of rainfall, snow, thunder, lightning etc. This requires cables with reliability, increased safety, and ruggedness and greater services. So underground cables are preferred in many areas especially in urban places. When it is easy to detect and correct the faults in overhead line by mere observation, it is not possible to do so in an underground cable. As they are buried deep in the soil it is not easy to detect the abnormalities in them.
Even when a faults is found to be present it is very difficult to detect the exact location of the fault. This leads to debugging of the entire area to detect and correct the fault which in turn causes wastage of money and manpower. So it is necessary to know the exact location of faults in the underground cables.
Whatever the fault is, the voltage of the cable has the tendency to change abruptly whenever a fault occurs. We make use of this voltage across change resistors to detect the fault.
In the event of short circuit (Line to Earth) fault, the voltage accordingly. It is then fed to an ADC to develop precise digital data that is directed to the programmed Arduino to display the same in kilometers. Hence this paper is very helpful for determining exact location of short circuit fault.



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