Understandable Electric Circuits

Understandable Electric Circuits

English | True PDF | 2010 | 386 Pages | ISBN : 0863419526 | 10.01 MB

There are many 'Electric Circuits' books on the market but this unique Understandable Electric Circuits book provides an understandable and effective introduction to the fundamentals of DC/AC circuits. It covers current, voltage, power, resistors, capacitors, inductors, impedance, admittance, dependent/independent sources, the basic circuit laws/rules (Ohm's law, KVL/KCL, voltage/current divider rules), series/parallel and wye/delta circuits, methods of DC/AC analysis (branch current and mesh/node analysis), the network theorems (superposition, Thevenin's/Norton's theorems, maximum power transfer, Millman's and substitution theorems), transient analysis, RLC circuits and resonance, mutual inductance, transformers, and more.
This book presents material in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. All important concepts, rules and formulas are highlighted after the explanation and are also summarised at the end of each chapter, making it easy to locate important facts and to study more effectively. The laboratory experiments at the end of each chapter are convenient for doing hands-on practice. These will motivate readers to master the circuit theory, especially college and university students or self-learners in this field. The English version of this book continues in the spirit of its successful Chinese version, which was published by Higher Education Press (the largest and most prominent publisher of educational books in China) in 2005 and reprinted in 2009.



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