Understanding 8085/8086 Microprocessor and Peripheral ICs

S. K Sen, "Understanding 8085/8086 Microprocessor and Peripheral ICs"
New Age Publications (Academic) | 2009 | ISBN: 812242676X | 302 pages | File type: PDF | 4 mb
Each chapter of this title begins with elementary materials about the chapter and subsequently leading to the more advanced questions. Numerous questions about good many number of peripheral ICs, used along with microprocessors, have been thoroughly discussed. The second edition includes questions on 8086 microprocessor and the corresponding peripheral ICs. Rs-232C, IEEE-488, USB and USART are also included for completeness of the book.

Preface to the Second Edition v
Preface to the First Edition vii
1. Microprocessor, Microcomputer and Associated Languages 1-10
2. The 8085 Microprocessor 11-31
3. Instruction Types and Timing Diagrams 32-34
4. 8085 Interrupts 35-45
5. Programming Techniques 46-57
6. Stack and Subroutines 58-66
7. Data Transfer Techniques: Interfacing Memories and I/Os 67-75
8. Memory 76-91
9. Peripheral Chips
(a) 8255 : Programmable Peripheral Interface 92-103
(b) 8155/8156 : Programmable I/O Ports and Timer 104-108
(c) 8355/8755 : Programmable I/O Ports with ROM/EPROM 109-110
(d) 8279 : Programmable Keyboard/Display Interface 111-116
(e) Priority Interrupt Controller 8259 117-132
(f) Programmable DMA Controller (DMAC) 8257 133-143
(g) Programmable Interval Timer 8253 144-148
(h) 8254 : Programmable Interval Timer 149-152
(i) USART 8251 (Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) 153-167
10. Bus Standards
(a) RS : 232C Standard 168-169
(b) IEEE : 488 Bus 170-181
(c) The Universal Serial Bus (USB) 182-192
11. The 8086 Microprocessor 193-209
12. Memory Organisation 210-218
13. Addressing Modes of 8086 219-225
14. The Instruction Set of 8086 226-239
15. Programming Techniques 240-243
16. Modular Program Development and Assembler Directives 244-250

17. Input/Output Interface of 8086 251-256
18. 8086 Interrupts 257-267
19. (a) 8288 Bus Controller 268-271
(b) 8087 Numeric Data Processor 272-278
(c) 8089 I/O Processor 279-284
(d) 8289 Bus Arbiter 285-290
Index 291




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