Using Graphic Touch Screens and SD Cards with Arduino

Using Graphic Touch Screens and SD Cards with Arduino

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Arduinos are mini computers on a circuit board designed primarily for controlling electronic circuits. They have analog and digital inputs and outputs that allow them to input data and turn things on and off. For some applications (like building a robot), no direct interface with humans, such as a keyboard or display screen, is necessary. For some applications, however, you will want to display information and also input commands. For example, you may be designing a sensor device to monitor sensor readings (tricorder, anyone?). In this case, you will want to have a display. You may also want to input instructions or information into the Arduino. In that case, you will need some kind of buttons, menus, or analog control devices like volume controls. You can have an LCD display to read information and some switches and knobs, but why not combine everything into one handy input/output device? Touch screens are perfect for this. They can display information as text or graphic. You can also cause them to display buttons or other graphic symbols that you can touch to make selections. ..


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