Victoria Gallagher - Anxiety Relief Hypnosis

Victoria Gallagher - Anxiety Relief Hypnosis

Practice a special type of breathing. Not into your chest, but deep into your tummy or diaphragm, below your chest. This will stimulate the part of your nervous system that's responsible for relaxation. This is a basic law of biology, so if you breathe in this way then your body will have no choice but to relax.

Getting Rid of Hyperventilation

The following techniques were designed to help you overcome hyperventilation. You can practice with these techniques now if you desire. If you experience hyperventilation, these are the breathing techniques to help you recover quickly to normal breathing.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This is very profound deep relaxation process. Once you've experienced this state one time or a few times using this program, you will be able to find and bring yourself into this state, on your own in a very short amount of time.


Projection Room Technique - There are many ways to send messages directly to your subconscious mind. This next solution is called re-framing and it is commonly used to break up the automatic mechanism to panic as well as phobia. You will dissociate from your experience of stress, anxiety, or panic by playing the scene in an interesting way.


Similar to Pavlov's theory with the bell and the salivation, an anchor is a conditioned response. Results may be immediate; although you may need to do this anchor several times to create the response you want to have from it. You will practice getting yourself into a relaxed state on your own, and then when and only when you feel that way, you'll squeeze your thumb and forefinger together and anchor it in. The more often you do this, the stronger that anchor will become.

Anxiety as an Object

A visualization technique, in which you will change the various qualities and attributes of the anxiety object, and in so doing, create physical sensations within your body that reflect those changes. You have the ability to heal your mind, your emotions, and your own body using this incredible skill that has always been right there within you that you were naturally born with.

Positive Affirmations

Good for re-educating the unconscious mind. Familiarity is a big key to change. Positive affirmations will help you to reflect on all that is good about you. It is a great way to nurture you and perhaps begin to become more familiar with the good within yourself.

In hypnosis, you imagine yourself free of Anxiety and it becomes your reality.


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