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Learn HTML code with our 3-CD tutorial from Video Professor!
If you’re looking for the most economical way to learn HTML code quickly and easily, you’re in the right place! Video Professor makes HTML training as simple, convenient, and affordable as possible with CD tutorials that provide step-by-step, one-on-one instruction. Once you’ve completed our comprehensive Learn HTML 3-CD tutorial, you’ll be up to speed and building web pages from scratch like a pro before you know it.

Why should you learn HTML skills?
HTML is the code language used by web designers and developers to build the framework of web sites on the Internet. Once you learn HTML skills, you’ll be ready to create web pages with total confidence. View our Learn HTML lesson overview to see what you’ll learn.

Why should you learn HTML with Video Professor?
Video Professor’s Learn HTML 3-CD tutorial gives you total flexibility to learn at your own pace. You can pause, rewind, or fast-forward any time. Video Professor’s Learn HTML 3-CD tutorial is also a valuable and handy resource you can keep near your computer to refer to whenever you need to brush up on your HTML skills. Best of all, you can learn HTML code with Video Professor for less than traditional classes and textbooks. View a brief Learn HTML demo.

Using HTML on the job
HTML is a highly valuable skill that many employers are looking for. Almost every company has a web site these days and each one needs web designers and developers who are skilled in HTML to create and maintain them. If you plan to be a professional web designer or developer you will need to learn HTML code as a basic tool of your trade. The good news is Video Professor makes HTML training fast, easy, and affordable.

Using HTML at home
Many people learn HTML code so they can create web sites at home. Whether you want to build a web site to stay in touch with family and friends, to start your own business, to publish your own music, art or photography, to start your own blog, or for any other reason, you can learn HTML with Video Professor quickly and easily and be up to speed in no time.

Video Professor’s Learn HTML 3-CD tutorial is guaranteed to help you learn all aspects of creating web pages from scratch quickly and easily. Gaining the confidence you need to use HTML at work or home is easier than ever before with the skills you’ll learn from Video Professor.


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