Vin Dicarlo - S-Cubed Sexual Selection Switch [2 CDs MP3 - PDF]

Vin Dicarlo - S-Cubed Sexual Selection Switch [2 CDs MP3 - File type: PDF]
Dicarlo | ISBN: N/a | 2005 | MP3 | 60 mb
Representing Vin DiCarlo's most advanced techniques, learn to quickly and effectively close women in two to four hours. Flip the switch and have beautiful women pursuing you and treating you as most other men treat them.
A sample of things covered:
Female behavior demystified.
The biggest myth about dating.
The three essential elements you'll need to master the dating game.
The simple strategy that will have her immediately looking up to you!
Sexual Tension defined!
How to get her to support YOUR lifestyle.
How to get women to pursue you instead of you pursuing them.
How do you trigger her built in need to prove herself to you?
How to get her alone with you on the very first date.
What to do if she says No and how this will make her want you more!
How to engage her senses so she's fantasizing about being with YOU!
How to stay in COMPLETE CONTROL when she challenges you.
How to demonstrate that she can count on you.
How to stand your ground, and gain her respect in the process.
How to eliminate neediness.
How to attract her so much, she's escalating on YOU. One of the fastest ways to get a woman HOT.
How to make her feel protected, just like daddy used to.
How to set up an irresistible mystery for her, without saying a word. That's right, without even talking.
The biggest mistake guys make when touching a woman.How to make her submissive, in a way that sets her on fire!
How to get her hoping and wondering When's he going to do it?
How to completely avoid Last Minute Resistance.
How to get her thinking about sex, and thinking it's her idea!
Seduction that's unstoppable, because it's undetectable!
One phrase that lets her know what she needs to do.
The game that makes her laugh now, and makes her say Yes later.
The one thing to look out for when your girl is really hot!
How to set up situationsthat get her right where you want her!
It can't get much better than this right?Think again! That's Only the First Disc!

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