Viscoelasticity: From Theory to Biological Applications

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This book contains a wealth of useful information on current research on viscoelasticity. By covering a broad variety of rheology, non-Newtonian fluid mechanics and viscoelasticity-related topics, this book is addressed to a wide spectrum of academic and applied researchers and scientists but it could also prove useful to industry specialists.

The subject areas include, theory, simulations, biological materials and food products among others.

Section 1. Theory and Simulations
1 Viscoelastic Natural Convection
2 Turbulent Flow of Viscoelastic Fluid Through Complicated Geometry
3 Microscopic Formulation of Fractional Theory of Viscoelasticity
4 Die Swell of Complex Polymeric Systems
Section 2. Biological Materials
5 Viscoelastic Properties of Biological Materials
6 Viscoelasticity in Biological Systems: A Special Focus on Microbes
7 Viscoelastic Properties of the Human Dermis and Other Connective Tissues and Its Relevance to Tissue Aging and Aging-Related Disease
8 Dynamic Mechanical Response of Epithelial Cells to Epidermal Growth Factor
9 Numerical Simulation Model with Viscoelasticity of Arterial Wall
Section 3. Food Colloids
10 Viscoelastic Properties of Starch and Non-Starch Thickeners in Simple Mixtures or Model Food
11 Viscoelastic and Textural Characteristics of Masa and Tortilla from Extruded Corn Flours with Xanthan Gum
12 Use of the Stress-Relaxation and Dynamic Tests to Evaluate the Viscoelastic Properties of Dough from Soft Wheat Cultivars
Section 4. Other Applications
13 Micro-Rheological Study on Fully Exfoliated Organoclay Modified Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Polymer and Its Viscosity Reduction Effect on High Molecular Mass Polyethylene
14 Application of Thermo-Viscoelastic Laminated Plate Theory to Predict Warpage of Printed Circuit Boards
15 An Approach for Dynamic Characterisation of Passive Viscoelasticity and Estimation of Anthropometric Inertia Parameters of Paraplegic's Knee Joint
16 Non Linear Viscoelastic Model Applied on Compressed Plastic Films for Light-Weight Embankment
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