Where Do I Go When I Meditate?: Taking Your Meditation Practice to the Next Level

Where Do I Go When I Meditate?: Taking Your Meditation Practice to the Next Level

English | ISBN: 0995105936 | 2018 | EPUB | 162 Pages | 2,5 MB

"The particular form of meditation is unimportant. Some people sit, others stand, walk, sing or sway rhythmically; different cultures and traditions have different practices. What is important is that the meditator attains a focused inner state in which the external world is shut out and the mind is directed to pay attention to subtle communications. That such a state is attained and sustained is what matters. How such a state is achieved does not matter."

Author Keith Hill questions discarnate guides about how meditation can be used for spiritual discovery. In their answers the guides consider current approaches, extending them in often startling ways. In particular, where meditators have traditionally focused on silencing the chattering mind, disconnecting from the stresses of everyday life, and merging with the ground of being, the guides discuss how meditation may be used to access non-everyday information and help awareness travel beyond standard human perceptual boundaries. They also provide fresh insights into the relationship between the spiritual, energetic and psychological levels of perception, and the inter-dimensional nature of human awareness.

Topics include:

How meditation provides access to the spiritual realm
The roles of energy and intention in meditation practice
How to develop sensitivity to subtle communications
What people perceive during visions of saints and angels
The attitudes of mind required for a successful meditation practice
What to be wary of when spending time in heightened states
Fear and how it inhibits the exploration of non-ordinary states
How energetic rebalancing helps supports meditation practice
The nature of the Akashic Records and the information they contain
Meditation's contribution to humanity's possible future evolution



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