Whitley Strieber - The Night Church

Whitley Strieber - The Night Church
Publisher: Simon Schuster | 1983-06 | ISBN: 067146955X | File type: PDF | 317 pages | 5.30 mb

An ancient Satanic cult takes over a neighborhood church in Queens each evening with the goal of breeding monstrously evil creatures.
Some years back, Strieber (The Wolfen) seemed to be one of the more distinctive, promising horror/occult talentsbut this new folderol ia as dumb and tasteless as the work of all those other Satan-pulpers. Out in Queens, N.Y., a secret 1900-year-old cult takes over the local Catholic church at night; since 70 A.D. they've been breeding a new non-human species (well, they look human) that will take over the world when humanity is eradicated by super-plague. And, as part of this scheme, orphan-virgin Patricia Murray must mate with young experimental psychologist Jonathan Titus Banion (whose mother Mary is a major cultist)so the first date of this unaware twosome ends up with Patricia raped on the altar, suffering from paralysis and amnesia (like Jonathan) afterwards. Meanwhile, the Pope knows what's going onso agents of the Inquisition are sent to do battle (sometimes fatally) against the cultists. Meanwhile, too, Jonathan's loving stepfather, cop Mike, is trying to figure out what's going onas are Jonathan and Patricia, who discover the joys of oral sex and a cure for Patricia's paralysis in (cult-controlled) Lourdes. But when Jonathan and Patricia attempt to cure their amnesia with brain-tests, they learn the mutant truth: quot;quot;We've got an alpha high harmonic, a delta parallel, and a whole cluster of little waves down in the low frequencies. . . I mean, we are real first-class freaks!quot;quot; And soon they're fleeing the cult, determined to avoid the planned wedding/insemination ritualwhile Mike, now in the know, has a church showdown with the evils, is rescued in the nick by a Vatican agent . . . and somehow arranges for Patricia to be impregnated, but not by Jonathan. Aside from a sliver of Frankenstein-ish pathos in Jonathan's hatred of his own mutant-hood: sheer murk, unintentionally funny (quot;quot;Have you changed your mind, Dad? Do you think this thing might actually be bigger than Queens?quot;quot;)and idiotic, even by Satanic standards.





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