Without Embarrassment: The Social Coward's Totally Fearless Seduction System

Without Embarrassment: The Social Coward's Totally Fearless Seduction System
Trafford Publishing | July 6, 2006 | ISBN:9781412013734 | English | 326 pages | PDF |1.6 Mb

Harness the perfect High Status Male Attitude to create instant attraction in any woman that you please, by projecting the powerful Dominant Male Persona that she finds so irresistibly attractive.

A Good Rap is Crucial

The most important skill any man can possess is the ability to know when and how to approach a woman with romantic intent -- and to do so in a very classy way. Humans court with conversation -- both verbal and non-verbal -- so you must have an effective rap in order to capture the romantic interest of women, or you are dead, dead... dead!

But you can't develop any real skill in this area if your fear of being rejected blocks your ability to interact with women socially... to make mistakes, learn from them, and thus improve your game. So it's a good thing that...

You Can Become Fearless

A deep-seated fear of being rejected by a woman is a tough phobia to crack, but it can be overcome with specific knowledge and training. My 'Social Coward's Method' is a process that you can easily master which will allow you to act free of the choking fear that you often feel when trying to meet women.

Develop Your Seductive Intelligence

Without Embarrassment is not some "pick-up chicks" book that expects you to play a bull-in-a-china-store type of numbers game by hitting on every female in sight -- blow your ego to smithereens -- and leave the pieces lying all over the floor. Instead, it will teach you how to develop a kind of gentle, seductive intelligence that an amazing number of women (some that you wouldn't ever expect) will find absolutely charming.

Automatic Female Submission is the Ultimate Goal

A man who knows how it's done can set off mating triggers buried deep within a woman's subconscious mind. Powerful instinctual forces will then compel her to submit to what she perceives to be a dominant male. Seduction becomes an enjoyable pastime that you can play at your leisure once you understand these principles.

Using Without Embarrassment's unique socializing methods you will learn how to...

Overcome the mental 'shame & shyness' blocks that are holding you back from saying something clever and useful when you see a pretty girl... blocks that lie at the root of your rejection sensitivity.

Avoid sending out those deadly "I've been defeated by other men..." signals that low status males broadcast all over the place.

Become skilled at advanced psychological techniques that will compel any woman to respond to your advances favorably -- so that you don't get rejected again and again and have to keep crawling back into your hermit shell!

Remove the shame-fueled rage that prevents you from developing long term intimate connections with women.

Make fantastic first impressions in less than 3 minutes.

Break the destructive cycle of rejection / self-castigation, over-thinking and other self-defeating behaviors that are holding you down socially... forever!

Stop being friends with women and start getting laid!

The key to everything when it comes to being romantically successful with women is learning how to project the image of the High Status Male. Without Embarrassment: The Social Coward's Totally Fearless Seduction System will show you how easy it is to begin using your brainpower to serve your needs for a change, instead of short-circuiting them.

I invite you to visit the Official Author's Website where you'll find Reader Reviews, Articles about Relationship Topics, and the Author's regularly updated Q&A E-mail Forum.

About the Author

Mike Pilinski is living proof that you don\'t have to be great looking to have success with women. Always a guy of diminutive stature and nothing special to draw the attention of the ladies, Mike overcame an incredible case of rejection phobia that made it impossible for him to meet women. He did so by discovering that -- even if you\'re a nice guy -- you can learn to mimic certain key behaviors and attitudes that high status or "alpha" males naturally possess. The resulting confidence, bred of an amazing positive reaction from women, made his fear of rejection vanish for good. Mike has worked as a photographer and as a light plane pilot in a limited capacity, and has written three science fiction novels, Contact: Elective Four, Europa\'s Prodigy and The Necronaut, that are currently out of print.

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