Working Alone: Tips and Techniques for Solo Building - John Carroll

Working Alone: Tips and Techniques for Solo Building - John Carroll
Publisher: Taunton Press | Decemb
er 15, 2000 | Language: English | ISBN-10: 1561585459 | 162 PAGES | File type: PDF | 10.99 mb

Carpenters will be enthusiastic about both these new efforts. Together they make a complete package for anyone interested in building. Spence has produced a hefty textbook-style guide to carpentry that covers the entire process of building from planning through finishing. The scope is impressiveA704 pages and 2300 black-and-white photographs and drawings, building codes, foundations, framing, doors and windows, exterior finishing, cabinet construction, and tools.

Newer techniques, such as steel framing and popular trends, like post-and-beam construction, are covered in separate sections. The comprehensive safety section is outstanding. Many of the processes are way beyond the comfort zone of the average do-it-yourselfer; however, there is something here for everyone, beginner to expert. Most do-it-yourselfers have encountered jobs where they could have used three or four hands; Carroll, a solo homebuilder, has come to their rescue with a slim volume that shows many of the tricks he uses to safely and efficiently complete work on his own. Readers who have completed projects will be suprised at how much easier their projects would have been had they known Carroll's techniques. Using straightforward text and line-drawings, he shares a variety of tips and labor-saving techniques for masonry, framing, siding installation, measuring, and hanging drywall. He shows how to cope with problems such as the collapse of the overextended tape measure. There really isn't anything else like this book on the market. Spence's title will get greater use in the library because it is a more general reference title; but both are excellent and will appeal to both do-it-yourselfers and professionals. Recommended for larger public library collections.

Product Description
This unique book is worth a second set of hands. It offers solo builders and do-it-yourselfers proven tips, techniques, and shortcuts for careful, precise, and safe construction.
There are many times when a helper would make a job easier, and in some cases doable at all, but with John Carroll's clever, expert tips, there's no need to wait for help. This book, the only one of its kind, offers ways to get by with not only one pair of hands but to work more efficiently as well. A perfect example is the problem of bringing a large sheet of plywood up a ladder. Even with a helper this is a difficult and dangerous task. But if a large C-clamp is fastened to one end of the plywood, it's easy to pull the sheet up the ladder from behind.

Professional builders and contractors who work alone or in small crews will find this book full of invaluable ways to keep the work moving, without costly delays or the need to hire additional helpers. Homeowners, who are often faced with working alone, will use these clever techniques to solve common problems safely.

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