Cockatoos (Australian Natural History)

Matt Cameron quot;Cockatoos (Australian Natural History)quot;
Published by CSIRO Publishing | Publication date : April 2008 | ISBN : 0643092323 | File type: PDF | 230 pages | English | 7.7 mb
Cockatoos are large, intelligent and attractive birds. Of the twenty-one recognized species, fourteen occur in Australia, with three of these also found in New Guinea. Seven species are distributed across the islands of south-east Asia. While many species are common or abundant, an increasing number face extinction due to habitat loss, the illegal bird trade and global warming.

Extensively illustrated, Cockatoos looks at the ecology and conservation of these iconic birds, including their evolution, distribution, feeding and reproduction. It examines the pest status of cockatoos, the impact of the illegal bird trade and the role played by aviculturists in cockatoo conservation programs.

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