The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training

The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training; An Effective Authoritative Guide for Selecting, Training Maintaining Dogs in Home Protection, Plant Security, Police, Military Work
Publisher: Howell Books; 2 edition (June 1972) | 400 pages | ISBN: 0876055528File type: PDF | 511 pages | 1.40 mb

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Not for the weak-willed or overly sentimental, BUT, May 2, 2005
By Dennis Barrett (Colorado United States) - See all my reviews
neither are big dogs. It's important to remember that this particular book is aimed at training large aggressive breeds. Yes, you can get your poodle to sit and stay and fetch using other methods. But this is a method for making sure your hundred pound Rottweiler obeys you when failure can mean tragedy. I've trained every one of my dogs using this book's methods. I've had German Sheperds, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and Filas. Every one of them has responded perfectly to the training. I'm not a breeder or a professional trainer, but my dogs' obedience has been equal to or better than any of the trained dogs that I've encountered. Some of the methods aren't pleasant; training soldiers for combat isn't usually a pleasant process, either. But the point of effective training isn't the trainer's assuaging his or her Inner Child; it's about developing RELIABLE control over a potentially lethal animal. The huggy-wuggy here's-a-puppy treat methods don't work when the animal is under strong external stimulation. Not a week goes by that I don't see the failure of the quot;kindheartedquot; methods, just in the course of walking my dog in the local parks.
The main thing with the Koehler method is to follow it exactly!
Some of the detractors here have deliberately lied about the contents of the book. For example, he doesn't advocate beating a dogquot;for 30 minutesquot;. He advocates hitting the dog sharply on the muzzle if it turns on the trainer. Anyone who thinks that you can correct that kind of misplaced aggression with hugs, treats and quot;bad-doggiesquot; should reconsider owning a large breed.
It's important to note that Koehler devotes a good bit of time early in the book on selecting dogs with suitable temperament.
In short, I recommend this book without reservation to those with ANY breed of dog who are willing to trade a bit of unpleasantness for a well adjusted dog with rock solid obedience.

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