What About Labrador Retrievers: The Joy and Realities of Living with a Lab - Reup.

What About Labrador Retrievers: The Joy and Realities of Living with a Lab
Howell Book House | 2003 | 160 pages | ISBN-10: 0764540882 | PFD | 1.33 mb

Are Labrador Retrievers generally healthy dogs?
How much does it cost to keep a Lab?
Can I keep my Lab inside, or do I need a yard?

That little Labrador Retriever puppy is so adorable–but is he the right dog for you? Many prospective dog owners don’t ask the questions they should when deciding to bring a new puppy home. Now, the What About? series is here to help you understand the real-life implications of your decision, saving you time, money, and potential heartache–and protecting you and the dog from the consequences of an inappropriate choice.

Drawing upon the expertise of Labrador Retriever breeders, owners, rescue organizations, veterinarians, and trainers, What About Labrador Retrievers? provides honest, reliable advice on what it’s really like to own and raise a Lab–no punches pulled. In a friendly, easy-to-follow QA format, veterinarian Karla Rugh offers solid, proven guidance on everything you need to know about raising a Lab, including:

Breed characteristics · Behavior · Costs of ownership · Development in all life stages · Diet · Exercise requirements · Genetics and why it’simportant · Health and general care · Temperament · Training requirements · Working with behaviorists, trainers, and veterinarians · And more

Don’t be taken by surprise. Get the answers you need now–before you get that Labrador Retriever puppy–and make a smart, informed decision.



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