Wild Chimpanzees

Wild Chimpanzees

Cambridge | English | 2018 | ISBN-10: 1107197171 | 244 Pages | PDF | 2.35 MB

by Adam Clark Arcadi (Author)

As our closest primate relatives, chimpanzees offer tantalizing clues about the behavior of early human ancestors. This book provides a rich and detailed portrait of chimpanzee social life in the wild, synthesizing hundreds of thousands of hours of research at seven long-term field sites. Why are the social lives of males and females so different? Why do groups of males sometimes seek out and kill neighboring individuals? Do chimpanzees cooperate when they hunt monkeys? Is their vocal behaviour like human speech? Are there different chimpanzee 'cultures'? Addressing these questions and more, Adam Arcadi presents a fascinating introduction to the chimpanzee social universe and the challenges we face in trying to save this species from extinction. With extensive notes organized by field site and an appendix describing field methods, this book is indispensable for students, researchers, and anyone else interested in the remarkable and complex world of these intelligent apes.

'... the first book to compile the available information about field studies of wild chimpanzees. To do so has required an immense effort on the part of the author, Adam Clark Arcadi. The long-term field studies at Gombe, Kibale, Budongo, Mahale, Bossou, and Tai, together with a large number of shorter term studies, are synthesised on a topic by topic basis. This gives the reader an overall perspective of wild chimpanzees which has hitherto been lacking. We see many features of behaviour and social organisation that all chimps have in common. And we also see ecological and cultural differences between different chimp communities across Africa. ... a good book for all those seeking to understand our closest relatives in the animal kingdom: undergraduates in particular will benefit from this synthesis of all that is known at the present time. [Simultaneously], the author writes well so his book is accessible to the general reader.' Vernon Reynolds, University of Oxford

'Wild Chimpanzees is a superbly original and incisive overview of the behavior, ecology and conservation of a critically important species. Arcadi provides a broad primate context for his synthesis, presents a rich history of the main field-sites and the behavioral differences associated with them, and explores the evolutionary significance of numerous types of cooperation, competition and communication. Arcadi's clarity of exposition, systematic consideration and crisp thinking make this an invaluable source for students and professionals alike.' Richard Wrangham, Harvard University, Massachusetts

'Arcadi's Wild Chimpanzees weaves new research on the social behavior of wild chimpanzees into an accessibly written account of our closest relatives. Highly recommended for the library of anyone interested in new frontiers of great ape research.' Craig Stanford, University of Southern California



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