International Glossary of Biochemistry, Construction, Energy & Power Engineering

International Glossary of Biochemistry, Construction, Energy & Power Engineering

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ABMA - American Boiler Manufacturers Association. ABRASION - The wearing away of a surface by rubbing, as withsandpaper on wood. ABRASION RESISTANCE - The ability of a material to resist surfacewear. ABRASIVE EROSION - Erosive wear caused by the relative motion of solid particles which are entrained in a fluid, moving nearly parallel to a solid surface. ABSOLUTE HUMIDITY - Amount of moisture in the air, indicated in kg/kg of dry air.
ABSOLUTE PRESSURE - Total pressure measured from an absolute
vacuum. It equals the sum of the gauge pressure and the atmospheric
pressure corresponding to the barometer.
ABSOLUTE PRESSURE - Air at standard conditions (70F air at sea
level with a barometric pressure of 29.92 in Hg) exerts a pressure of
14.696 psi. This is the pressure in a system when the pressure gauge
reads zero. So the absolute pressure of a system is the gauge pressure
in pounds per square inch added to the atmospheric pressure of
14.696 psi (use 14.7 psi in environmental system work) and the
symbol is "psia".
ABSOLUTE TEMPERATURE SCALE - A scale of temperature
measurement in which zero degrees is absolute zero.
ABSOLUTE VELOCITY - The vector sum of the velocity of a fluid parcel
relative to the earth and the velocity of the parcel due to the earth's
rotation; the east-west component is the only one affected.
ABSOLUTE ZERO - A hypothetical temperature at which there is total
absence of heat. Since heat is a result of energy caused by molecular
motion, there is no motion of molecules with respect to each other at
absolute zero. It is theoretically the coldest possible temperature.
ABSOLUTE ZERO TEMPERATURE - Temperature measured from
absolute zero (-459.67F, or -273.16C).
ABSORBENT - A material which, due to an affinity for certain
substances, extracts one or more such substances from a liquid or


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