Is Earth Really a Solid?: The Evidence Reexamined

Is Earth Really a Solid?: The Evidence Reexamined

ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B07W89TJG4 | 328 Pages | EPUB | August 9, 2019 | English | 2.25 MB

Many people do believe that the Hollow Earth Theory is no more than just a myth. Mainstream science denies it and proposes a solid Earth as a fact. In this book the author, a geologist and engineer with extensive work experience and former professor, tackles this issue from a strictly scientific and unbiased perspective. After a thorough research, covering multidisciplinary sources of information from Geology, Physics, Seismology, Geophysics, Astronomy, etc.; the author concludes that the accepted model of Earth's interior derived from the interpretation of the seismological data available, cannot support a solid Earth because it is based upon assumptions, inconclusive evidence and the hypothesis of the alleged Earth's iron core; has serious unsolvable inconsistencies. Also, this model has no independent support from other sources. After examining the latest research from Astronomy and Astrophysics regarding planet formation along new emerging scientific paradigms, the author shows the impossibility that a solid planet can ever develop. Also, he demonstrates that the accepted idea of the origin of Earth's magnetic field, held by many scientists is a fairy tale because it has no scientific basis whatsoever and the author points out to the real cause found by ignored scientific research. For the first time, enthusiasts of an alternative view of the Earth's interior can find in this book, written by a professional in the field, a demonstration, based on scientific facts, not assumptions; that the purported solid Earth is indeed a myth. The checkmate for this misconception, comes in the last chapter of this book, when the author shows that the physical-mathematical proof of a solid Earth, held by mainstream science, is wrong and he proves otherwise (a spherical shell) through a novel and more reliable technique, which is the right one. This alternative model can explain the polar anomalies that mainstream science either ignore, dismiss or supress. Also, the spherical shell distribution of mass is supported by the latest Juno mission to Jupiter, which has demolished several conventional scientific ideas, held about this planet.


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