Sex Kama Sutra

Sex Kama Sutra

English | October 22, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08LN5MY9L | 141 Pages | EPUB | 3.29 MB

Are you looking for a book that can show you how to make the most of your sex life? A book that can show you how to keep your connection to your partner strong? A book that can show you how to keep your partner coming for years to come?
it is not easy to be a good lover but this book helps you solve your problem
This book is for you if any of the following scenarios apply to you!
? You want to learn to improve themselves
? You want to be great lovers
? You want to learn how to flirt
? You want to learn new sex positions
? You want all of the above and so much more!
This book is for couples who want to lust after each other for years and years, well past the honeymoon phase. If you feel like you want to learn everything you can about how to communicate, how to listen, and how to make love in your long-term relationship, then this book is for you!
Whether your relationship lasts forever or only for another few years, learning how to be an effective communicator, an effective listener, and a better sexual lover will help you in whatever life has in store for you next. By reading this book, you can improve your relationship with your partner, surely. Still, you will also improve your relationship with your friends, family, and any future partners you may find yourself having in the future. Most importantly, it will help you improve your relationship with yourself, as you will better understand your thoughts, feelings, and actions in new ways.
? How to keep your relationship going strong for years
? What is the Kama Sutra?
? How can the Kama Sutra benefit you?
? How to get in touch with your feelings, your needs, and your values
? How to show love to your partner
? What are the different types of intimacy, and how can you improve intimacy in your relationship?
? How to better connect to your partner on more than a physical level for more passionate lovemaking
? Sex positions from the Kama Sutra
? How can you maintain a healthy sex life?
This book contains everything you want and needs to know about taking your exploration of sex to the next level by understanding the Kama Sutra and its many benefits. Using the techniques and knowledge found within these pages, The Kama Sutra, combined with an exploration of Sex Toys, Sexual Fantasies, and role play, will help you impress your sexual partner. You will learn things you didn't even know you needed to know, but that will make you wonder how you ever lived without them!
This book is here to provide you with everything you want to know about the Kama Sutra and so much more! Do yourself and your partner a favor by reading this book and teaching yourself as much as you possibly can about the Kama Sutra and about how it can take your sex life to new heights. Give your partner the gift of informing yourself about how to please them like never before using these ancient but ever-relevant positions. All you have to do is click that download button, and you will be able to begin your journey to becoming the best sexual being you have ever been!


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