The Fool's Journey: Tarot and the Tree of Life

The Fool's Journey: Tarot and the Tree of Life

ISBN: 1082005495 | 257 Pages | EPUB | July 23, 2019 | English | 0.92 MB

Many books have, admittedly, already been published on Tarot. However, apart from a handful (such as 'Meditations on the Tarot'), most seem merely to skim the surface, reducing Tarot to trivialities while ignoring the underlying cohesion and rich spiritual tradition which runs all through Tarot. None, previously, have related Tarot to the sefirot of Qabalah.In this book, I have sought to rectify this omission by giving both what may be useful in a reading, while attempting also to convey the great power of the mystical heritage which is Tarot's very heart. While the book may be of little use to the casual dabbler who merely wishes to impress their friends over coffee, it will, I hope, be of interest to any serious student of Tarot, or to anyone concerned with the mystical paths of life. The Fool's journey is the life journey while Tarot provides the guidance to understand the inner realities of this, ultimately spiritual, pilgrimage. I have studied and (successfully) read Tarot for close to twenty years. My knowledge and interpretation of the cards has thus been tested and hammered out over the crucible of time. I have, over these many years, become intimately acquainted with the depth and richness of this fascinating subject. It is this depth and richness I have tried, in this book, to convey.


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