Willam Hartston - The Encyclopedia of Useless Information

Willam Hartston - The Encyclopedia of Useless Information
Sourcebooks, Inc. | ISBN: 1402208286 | 2007-06-01 | File type: PDF | 418 pages | 4.81 mb
Discover what all the other encyclopedias leave out
This is the superbly satisfying compendium of weird factoids too interesting to be contained in your average encyclopedia. Daring to cross-reference the un-cross-reference-able, to alphabetize what cannot be alphabetized, and to deliver the highest concentration of fun that can fit in one book's spine, this information is too useless to waste:
In Denmark, pigs go 'knor'; in Germany, horses go 'prrrh'; in ancient Greece, dogs went 'au au.' Italians sneeze 'ecci ecci.'

A teacher in Italy was disciplined in 1996 for passing students exam answers hidden in salami sandwiches.
In 1957 the U.S. air force completed a survey of the Atlantic Ocean but refused to divulge its width on the grounds that the information might be of military use to the Russians.

In Paris in 1740 a cow was hanged in public following its conviction for sorcery.


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