Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Guitar Lessons for Beginners: Advanced Methods to Learn Guitar Chords and Notes

English | December 21, 2019 | ISBN: 1678841188 | 194 Pages | EPUB | 2.12 MB

ABOUT THIS BOOK:Do you find it difficult to learn guitar chords?Would you like an efficient method that helps you play, combine, and memorize chords to make music with the guitar?Do you want to be able to strum rhythms correctly and confidently?Do you want to train yourself until you have perfect practice habits that will last a lifetime? Then this book is for you. You will learn to strum, fret, and combine the important chords in music correctly to easily and quickly become a better musician. Why should I learn the chords?I have encountered lots of professional guitarists throughout my years of experience, who are unable to name the chords they recently played. Many guitar players can make chords, but don't even know the chords they are actually holding down! Learning guitar theory without knowing the names of the notes and chords is similar to learning complicated arithmetic equations without learning numbers first. This book will help you and prevent you from becoming like one of those guitarists. The following are reasons why you need to purchase this book and learn the chords:It helps you to understand the arrangement of the notes.It teaches your mind to create a mind map which helps you navigate the fretboardIt teaches you to bring out the ideas you have in your head and helps you put them down on paper or even to show to other musiciansIt helps you make several visual references, which makes the fretboard less overwhelming. It teaches you how to play all the important chords on the guitarIt helps you understand the way the chords work together. It teaches you to master strumming as well as to build chord progressions.It makes it easier for you to understand chord construction and chord theory. It also trains you to instantly apply as well as make use of chords to compose songsAlthough several books teach the same things, this book is unique in various ways:It teaches memory techniques that are one of a kind and cannot be found in any other book.It has diagrams and pictures that are of high quality and can help you see the whole picture.It will help you get results much faster. I believe that these are reasons enough to make you grab this book. Do not hesitate to do so.


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