Saxophone for Beginners

Saxophone for Beginners: Advanced Guide of Top Notch Music and Songs to be Played Using a Saxophone

English | September 14, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08J55MR3G | 125 Pages | EPUB | 0.43 MB

Not quite getting a hold on how to play the saxophone? Then it is time you changed the approach you are using to learn the saxophone. The saxophone is a straightforward instrument to learn, even though by looking at it, it could be a bit intimidating because of its so many parts and keys. But in this book, we will simplify a saxophone so that anyone, even a beginner, will understand. This book isn't just a guide to point out the parts of a saxophone or show you musical charts, but it also contains actionable tips. Music is an art, and with all art comes creativity. Creating something melodious in your mind and with your mouth is quite easy. But playing that same melody on your saxophone is where you'll need to apply some acquired skills. As a beginner learning the saxophone, you are bound to make common mistakes without the proper guidance. Should I bother learning more about embouchure placement and harmonics? What are the notes and scales on a saxophone, and so on? These are questions you need answers to in order to go from your current level to your desired level as a saxophonist. The focus of this book is to break down the process of learning a saxophone and allow maximum exploration and expression with each step. Learning a new art should not have to be complicated, daunting, and exclusive. It is achievable, soulful, and full of creativity. So, even if you have no prior knowledge about a saxophone, in this book, you will find all you need to know, along with techniques to begin your journey into the playing of a saxophone. You'll discover...Advanced tips on how to care for your instrumentCorrect embouchure Embouchure exercisesTypes of vibratoFingering Chart with left hand and right hand tipsHow to read notes and scalesHarmonicsAnd much more!The key takeaway from this book is that by the end of the book, you will be able to play songs with your saxophone. Get this book now; let us coach you all the way to perfection as a saxophonist with this advanced guide for beginners.


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