Saxophone for Beginners

Saxophone for Beginners: Tips and Tricks to Play the Top Saxophone Music and Songs

English | August 18, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08FV3KDW8 | 144 Pages | EPUB | 1.65 MB

This manual is a comprehensive guide that will help you become a pro at playing the saxophone. To start with, we will discuss the main saxophone components, like the mouthpieces, reeds, etc. Making the wrong choices can lead to a journey of frustration instead of happiness and the feelings of accomplishment! After the first section, we'll discuss the sounds you'll get from a sax and the methods directly linked to this process, such as how to breathe air into the saxophone correctly, and how your mouth, facial muscles, and tongue are used, otherwise known as the embouchure. When you do not carry out proper breathing, and if your embouchure is poor, it creates poor tonal quality. Bad habits and mistakes with your mouth and tongue can take a lot of time to correct, so you want to get it right the first time.The next sections will discuss the concept of notes and how you can learn them, finger coordination, and the techniques you can use in becoming a sax pro. We begin with a friendly and easy single note and slowly progress to playing complete songs. When you learn these scales and do the associated scale-based practical exercises, it will position you for what is one of the sweetest things about playing the sax and the reason behind your learning it in the first place!Lastly, you will be taught songs that will provide you with an original repertoire of standard and famous tunes that most people are familiar with. One great advantage of learning to play these songs is the confidence they will give you. It will be particularly beneficial when you hear yourself playing what you once thought was impossible. It is noteworthy to understand that proper breathing and embouchure are not something that you can be a master of in one week! It takes time. It will be frustrating initially, but the truth remains that with every day that passes, you'll get better and better.With this easy to follow guide of tips and tricks you'll be making beautiful music faster than you ever dreamed possible. So don't hesitate.


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