Mind Openers 1.0

Mind Openers 1.0: A Conceptual Review of Modern Physics

English | 2020 | ASIN: B08BHYYVZ1 | 443 Pages | ePUB | 5.5 MB

Mind Openers 1.0 is the first of a two-part set. It chronicles how the astounding discoveries of modern physics have fundamentally changed our understanding of reality. Using a mix of historical narrative, intuitive analogies, and graphics the book explores, explains, and wonders at meaning of our deepest theories.
The author is a semi-retired geophysicist who, throughout his career, has developed and delivered educational material for the non-expert, that break down all the "techno-speak" to understandable concepts.

Key topics
History of science
Quantum theory
String Theory
Loop quantum gravity



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