The Book of Breeething (William S. Burroughs, Robert F. Gale)

The Book of Breeething (William S. Burroughs, Robert F. Gale)
Publisher: Blue Wind Press | ISBN: 0912652276 | 79 pages | 1976 | File type: PDF | 96 mb

In the beginning was the word and the word was God and has remained one of the mysteries ever since.
What is word?
To ask this question assumes the is of identity: something that word essentially is.
Count Alfred Korzybski, who developed the concept of General Semantics in his book Science and Sanity, has pointed out that the is of identity has led to basic confusion in Western thought. The is of identity is rarely used in Egyptian pictorial writing. Instead of saying he is my servant they say he (is omitted) as my servant: a statement of relationship not identity. Accordingly there is nothing that word itself essentially is. Word only exists in a communication system of sender and receiver. It takes two to talk. Perhaps it only took one to write. S. Burroughs, Robert F. Gale - Book of Breeething - 1976.pdf

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