php in 1 day: php programming for Beginners (Programation Book 2)

php in 1 day: php programming for Beginners (Programation Book 2)

English | December 4, 2020 | ASIN: B08PRW7BR1 | 190 Pages | AZW3,EPUB,PDF | 2.97 MB

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this best book for Beginners .Learn PHP Fast and Learn It Well. Master PHP Programming with a unique Hands-On Project.
What this book offers...

PHP for Beginners

Complex concepts are broken down into simple steps to ensure that you can easily master PHP even if you have never coded before. Concepts are presented in a "to-the-point" style to cater to the busy individual; no fluff or unnecessary details.

Careful selection of topics

Topics are carefully selected to give you a broad exposure to PHP. These topics include HTML form handling, security management (prevention of XSS and SQL injection), object-oriented programming, error and exception handling techniques, databases and more.

Carefully Chosen PHP Examples

Examples are carefully chosen to illustrate all concepts. In addition, the output for all examples is provided immediately so you do not have to wait till you have access to your computer to test the examples.

How is this book different...
The best way to learn programming is by doing. This book includes a complete project at the end of the book where you get to build a mini-blog using PHP and MySQL.

Working through the project gives you a chance to see how everything works together, including how to set up your servers, create a database, connect to it, process forms, manage security issues, handle errors and exceptions and more. Completing the project will not only give you an immense sense of achievement, it'll also help you retain the knowledge you've learned and master the language.

What you'll learn:
- What is PHP
- What software do you need to run PHP scripts
- How to set up your own server
- What are constants, variables and operators
- What are the common data types in PHP
- How to control the flow of your PHP program using If statements, while loops etc
- How to use numerous built-in functions in PHP
- How to define your own functions
- What is a cookie and session and how to use them
- How to process HTML forms using the get and post methods
- How to prevent attacks on your site
- What is OOP and inheritance
- How to connect to a database
- How to handle errors and exceptions and more.........


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