Bloody Treason: On Solving History's Greatest Murder Mystery : The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Bloody Treason: On Solving History's Greatest Murder Mystery : The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

English | 1997 | ISBN: 0965439909, 9780965439909, B0035G09FW | 909 Pages | PDF | 9.81 MB

As provided in the Constitution of the United States, the structure of the government is systematically divided into three separate, offsetting powers: the legislative, the executive, and the judicial. On November 22, 1963, and the months that followed, that system experienced a massive failure, from which the nation has never fully recovered. This book is the story and the evidence of how it happened. While much has been written about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the dark forces behind his murder have never been convincingly exposed. In Bloody Treason, Noel Twyman has written an explosive new explanation of the assassination and its cover-up. This fascinating book lays out powerful evidence that a cabal of extremists and military officers, conspiring with gangsters and corrupt government officials, planned and ordered the crime of the century. Bloody Treason is a product of five years of sifting and evaluation of tens of thousands of pages of documents found in the National Archives, and of hundreds of books and papers. It includes first-time interviews with critical witnesses and is updated with the most relevant documents recently released by the Assassination Records Review Board as authorized by Congress. It includes more than 160 photos and exhibits. The result is a major revision of history, one that will forever change our understanding of how and why John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Among the books highlights:* Newly released documents revealing a plan to precipitate an invasion of Cuba by U.S. forces; and why this plan was discarded shortly after the assassination.* A new discovery and proof that the Zapruder film was altered to conceal what really happened at the time of the fatal shot. * Newly released tapes and documents show that Lyndon Johnson used nuclear war scare tactics to intimidate key people in Dallas and Washington, D.C. to cover up the crime and that he, J. Edgar Hoover, and the CIA knew at the time these scare tactics were false.* Twyman provides an updated analysis of the horrifying events before and during the autopsy, based on consultation with medical scientists and statements of eyewitnesses. Newly released documents from the National Archives corroborate author David Lifton's discovery that Kennedy's body was literally stolen from Air Force One and modified to conceal evidence before the body was delivered to the autopsy room. Bloody Treason contains new evidence direct from Cuban intelligence. And dramatic revelations are presented from CIA operatives who were involved in the periphery of the assassination plot. This evidence reveals that right-wing extremists in Dallas and New Orleans met with CIA operatives in 1962 and 1963 and that at these meetings the assassination of John F. Kennedy was discussed and contract offers made. It also reveals that documents and information about Oswald in Mexico City were fabrications. Twyman takes us deep into the labyrinth of the JFK assassination plot and reveals the shocking trade craft of covert political assassinations practiced by the U.S. government during the 1960s. He explains how these programs tragically backfired, resulting in the assassination of President Kennedy. The evidence of the master conspiracy is developed step by step until the identities of the powerful people behind the plot are revealed. Bloody Treason advances the understanding of the JFK assassination to an entirely new level. The shocking revelation of corruption and betrayal in high places is without precedent in U.S. history.


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