Critical Cultural Policy Studies: A Reader

Critical Cultural Policy Studies: A Reader

2002 | 352 Pages | ISBN: 0631222995 | PDF | 4 MB

Critical Cultural Policy Studies: A Reader brings together classic statements and contemporary views that illustrate how everyday culture is as much a product of policy and economic determinants as it is of creative and consumer impulses.Content: Chapter 1 Cultural Studies from the Viewpoint of Cultural Policy (pages 13-22): Suart CunninghamChapter 2 Cultural Policy Studies (pages 23-42): Jim McGuiganChapter 3 From Inventing American Broadcasting (pages 48-54): Susan J. DouglasChapter 4 The Backlash Against Broadcast Advertising (pages 55-70): Susan SmulyanChapter 5 The Effects of Telecommunication Reform on US Commercial Radio (pages 71-79): Nina HuntemannChapter 6 Embedded Aesthetics: Creating a Discursive Space for Indigenous Media (pages 88-99): Faye GinsbursChapter 7 Doing it My Way?Broadcasting Regulation in Capitalist Cultures: The Case of "Fairness" and "Impartiality" (pages 100-113): Sylvia HarveyChapter 8 TV Viewing as Good Citizenship? Political Rationality, Enlightened Democracy and PBS (pages 114-128): Laurie OuelletteChapter 9 Burning Rubber's Perfume (pages 129-133): Isaac JulienChapter 10 The Film Industry and the Government: "Endless Mr Beans and Mr Bonds"? (pages 134-141): Toby MillerChapter 11 The Marketplace Citizen and the Political Economy of Data Trade in the European Union (pages 149-160): Richard MaxwellChapter 12 "That Deep Romantic Chasm": Libertarianism, Neoliberalism, and the Computer Culture (pages 161-171): Thomas StreeterChapter 13 The Marketplace Citizen and the Political Economy of Data Trade in the European Union (pages 149-160): Richard MaxwellChapter 14 Art (pages 188-191): Owen KellyChapter 15 Object Lessons: Fred Wilson Reinstalls Museum Collections to Highlight Sins of Omission (pages 192-195): Pamela NewkirkChapter 16 Hegemonic Masculinity, the State, and the Politics of Gender Equity Policy Research (pages 202-210): Jim McKayChapter 17 Sports Wars: Suburbs and Center Cities in a Zero?Sum Game (pages 212-224): Samuel Nunn and Mark S. RosentraubChapter 18 Radio Space and Industrial Time: The Case of Music Formats (pages 230-239): Jody BerlandChapter 19 Musical Production, Copyright, and the Private Ownership of Culture (pages 241-252): Kembrew McLeodChapter 20 "We Are the World": State Music Policy, Cultural Imperialism, and Globalization (pages 253-263): Roy ShukerChapter 21 Television Set Production at the US-Mexico Border: Trade Policy and Advanced Electronics for the Global Market (pages 272-281): Mari Castaneda ParedesChapter 22 Trade and Information Policy (pages 282-301): Sandra BramanChapter 23 Crafting Culture: Selling and Contesting Authenticity in Puerto Rico';s Informal Economy (pages 302-310): Arlene DdvilaChapter 24 Re?Inventing Times Square: Cultural Value and Images of "Citizen Disney" (pages 316-326): Lynn CorneliaChapter 25 All the World';s a Mall: Reflections on the Social and Economic Consequences of the American Shopping Center (pages 327-334): Kenneth T. JacksonChapter 26 Citizenship and the Technopoles (pages 335-343): Vincent Mosco


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