Evaluating Gun Policy

Evaluating Gun Policy: Effects on Crime and Violence

2003 | 456 Pages | ISBN: 0815753128 | PDF | 2 MB

During the past 50 years the US has reduced the death rate from automobile accidents by one-third, yet the rate at which Americans are killed by gunfire has actually increased. Policymakers have tried to combat gun-related violence and crime in various ways, including imposing more severe sentences, restricting access and banning certain models and designs of guns. This book examines what works by presenting empirical evaluations of a variety of contemporary policies. Among the issues examined are: the relationship between the number of guns in circulation and the suicide rate; the deterrent and "inducement" effects of gun ownership on residential burglary; the impact on domestic homicides of restricting gun possession; and the consequences of more permissive gun-carrying laws. In the overview, Ludwig and Cook conclude that the problem of gun violence in America is not hopeless - indeed, violence rates have declined dramatically during the last decade. Continued success may require a pragmatic mix of new regulations and enhanced law enforcement efforts, guided by ongoing evaluation supported by new and better data systems.



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